Expired Film

While I was in Vegas, a group of friends and i explored Red Rock Canyon. i had a roll of extremely expired film and when i had developed it, I had noticed that the negatives were a bright yellow rather than the dark color they should’ve been for being in color. When i scanned them in I was shocked to see what had happened. Im still unsure as if it was an error on my part, mixing the chemistry wrong or the fact the film was sitting in my car for a minute, but I was blown away by the results. 

Senior Skip Day 2016

With this being my last semester of college, I cannot even begin to explain how stressed out I am. Along with helping two friends with their thesis, I have about three weeks until mine is hung. There is so many things to get done before then and I’m still trying to figure out when that can all happen. 

So just as any adult would do, I decided to take a personal day and skip my 6 hour class. I was productive in the sense of shooting a roll of film but it was great to go romp around the woods and not think about school for a couple hours.

As of now I am too tired to clean up every spec of dust but it will happen eventually.

Happy Snaps

I am still trying to put together my experience I had in Vegas a couple weeks ago. Easily one of the most amazing experiences thus far in my life and I am so happy i got to spend it with some of the most talented and passionate people I know. 

After scanning these little instax pictures in, I am really itching to make a zine/book of all these images. They need to live somewhere other than online. 

God of Chance

Experiencing Vegas for the first time was an overwhelming feeling. From crowded streets to loud noises, there is a lot to take in. 

 The thing that grabbed my attention most was the people in the casinos, especially at slot machines and tables. This intimate interaction between human and machine was mesmerizing. Rows and rows of machines, lights illuminating faces, and constant sounds of hands hitting buttons; it was almost a religious experience, watching these people practicing their “rituals” in hoping they would win. 

All that was going through my mind was “why”. The idea of going into a casino and expecting to win is what baffles me. No rational person believes that they are going to win when they enter, but yet why do people continue to enter these facilities and pump money into a machine? 

 These people existed outside this specific space; they have a life outside of these games, families and jobs, and yet at this specific moment they are invisible to the outside world. 

Processed Dreams: A new direction

Today was an explosion of creativity! While I was eating cheeseburgers with a good friend of mine in her studio space, I was going through her glitter letters that she had made a couple months ago. I have been wanting to incorporate some type of text with my images but I have never had a clear idea of how/why. 

I then started playing around with different letters and after talking to her about how to incorporate text, we started bouncing ideas off of each other. 

Tamrin then brought up the idea of spelling out the different ingredients of food with letters. 

I had the biggest “OH MY GOD” moment after that and decided this would be a fresh way to continue my Processed Dreams series.

Using ground beef, I plan on spelling out different chemicals and preservatives that are put into beef and other meats.

If it wasn’t for Tamrin and cheeseburgers, I wouldn’t have found a new way to approach a previous idea.

Her artwork is incredibly beautiful and amazing! Check her out: http://www.tamriningram.com 

35mm Film

I have been trying to push myself to start shooting film more, and although it sounds better in my head, it is relatively hard to keep up with. I have only gone through one roll since being back at school this semester and haven’t started working on anything personal. 

I’m going to Las Vegas in two weeks and I will be taking a plethora of film with me then. Ultimately there is no excuse why I shouldn’t have images when I get back.

Stay tuned!

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